Kitty Powers' Matchmaker App Reviews

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Amazing game

Probably one of the only apps I dont regret paying for. Such a good game.

Better then REPTILES!!!

I love your game you should make an animal simulation game ( PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, do so,)

So fun and charming

The sense of humor hits you right off the bat and the game is super charming. The gameplay is varied and keeps you on your toes and really makes you think about the people on the date. It can also be really frantic and it definitely has a game show vibe. Its super fun, a great price, and I totally recommend it!

Fun but not

After a while it becomes impossible to have them go out with them

Awesome Game, Buy it!

If you are thinking of buying this game, well you should! It is a super fun and addicting game that will make you laugh! For only $1.99 you get this Awesome and amazing game! Wow! 5 stars!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Would definitely buy again

Adorable and addicting

Totally rad

Even tho it was 3 dollars the game was worth it its like experiencing a real dat and it trains u what to ask on a date

Rly good

Spending some money on this was worth it


I am so obsessed with this game. Very unique, funny, and entertaining. Ive been waiting for a game like this! Thank you!

A Fun Challenger!

This is a great game! Its great at challenging your memory, and the variety it offers adds to the fun!


I love this app it is fun and entertaining and you could literally play it for hours on end so I

So good think it should$9

Its so good it even has like no ads!!!


This is a great game. I saw some YouTube videos on this and decided to get it. Definitely worth the fee!!:)


Great game and very fun to pass time. Totally worth the money!

A must-have!

This game never fails to impress me! Will keep you occupied for hours! Keep on making more games like this one!

I love it!!

So much fun to play. The choices and dats are very funny!!!!

Cant Stop Playing!

I love this game!! I saw ihasCupquake on YouTube play this game and I thought it was pretty cool!! At first, when I saw the price, I didnt want it, but I read other reviews and decided to buy it. In the end, WORTH THE $2.99!! You should totally buy the game!!

Changed the language

I at first was playing this on my friends iPad and loved it. I then later got it and after a couple of months using it, it turned the language to Spanish so I cant understand anything on it anymore! I dont know how that happened because none of my other apps did that. But if the language was right then o would give this app 5 stars.


I love this game so much. Best $2 of my life

Love it

This game is amazing! It gets stressful at times and thats why I love it! It gives me a chance to learn my matching powers!

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