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Yes just yes


I love it soooo much

This game is soooo fun. I just got it last night and I am already in love with it. Kitty is super funny

I love this

I LOVE this because it’s fun,silly,and ADORABLE! For me it doesn’t crash (I’m on iPad) and it lets you make a Your OWN character and it lets you make your personality! FIVE STARS! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Read this if you have this app on two devices.

I have a MASSIVE problem. Yes, this is a good app, but they will not save progress on two devices. I was level 10 but I was level 4 on my iPod so when I played this app on my iPod, it bumped my level from 10 to 4. This is a MAJOR PROBLEM for me. PLEASE FIX THIS!


It doesn’t let me export my couple. I’ll tap “log in” but nothing happens whatsoever.

Love it but...

I said the same thing on another review for the other app, I love it and would give it 5 stars but, I already have it and it is trying to make me pay for it again! I want to be able to play it on my new device! Please try and fix this as soon as possible

So weird. I LOVE IT

This may be the weirdest game I’ve ever played. It may be the best game I’ve ever played.

Love it!!

For the fact that it costs money it why it’s four stars but in a way it’s kind of worth it. It’s a really fun game with awesome challenge and it’s just fun in general it’s something you can never get bored of and I love the challenge and the gam is just fun and funny would recommend

Such an amazing game

Really fun and addictive

Pretty cool

It’s a cute adorable game that honestly is like amazing.

Can’t export

It says I have to log in but I am

It's such a cute game!

I love all the characters and restaurants. This game needs more attention.

VERY disappointed by racism in the game

In honesty the game is a fun and quirky but it included a very racist feature. I am very shocked the game included this feature especially because the app had much diversity. One of the game’s features is paying coins to have a description of a specific dish on the menu. While I was on a “date” at the Chinese restaurant (more specifically the ‘restaurant’ is called “Peking Tom’s”) I payed to have a description for the “Gou Rou Guo” dish. When I payed for the description the ‘waiter’ said and I quote, “It’s a lovely meaty stew! Made from... well it’s dog meat actually...” This was SO irritating and disappointing. First, the whole Asian people eat dogs trope is annoying and played out. Second, I didn’t see any other ‘restaurants’ get this sort of treatment. Third, it is so disappointing to see that a game that was so inclusive had to include this worn out racist joke. It’s not cool at all that this game alienated Asian people. I hope this gets fixed immediately. Thank you for reading if you did.

I’m obsessed💀💕

I love this game I literally play it everywhere, mainly because you can play it anywhere.All time favorite game, worth the money 💵



Found it


Wasn’t Sure at First

But I really like the game and the gameplay. I’ll probably buy it again on Steam


I really love this app, it’s super fun! Also as being a non user of data anywhere I go this app allows me to play it anywhere! And I really love that. Totally would recommend this app to friends!


I've already bought and finished this game on my old account! I just downloaded again after a year or so. I truly think it is worth the $3! it is addicting!

Love it!

I just got the game and I’m totally in love with it! Its so fun and a good time killer!

No problems whatsoever, i love it.

I would really suggest this game. it honestly deserves so much more credit. it’s both cute and hilarious. and it supports same sex couples which is awesome. good game here.

Amazing mobile game

I purchased and played this game on Steam when it first came out and I loved it. When I saw this on the App Store I was curious if it would be as good as the PC game. It totally is! I almost prefer it more as a mobile game because you can just pick it up and play one date when you have a spare 10 minutes. This game looks great, plays great, is so humorous, and challenging! Great job!

Love it!

Very cute, fun game. ☺️ I certainly recommend it.

Dear Kitty Powers Matchmaker,

I really love this game! It’s so addictive, but that’s why I like it so much. It’s so creative and I hope it continues to thrive in the upcoming years.

What you need to fix

I love the game. But, you need to fix the poor sound quality.I hope you take my advice and make games that have good sound quality.😘

favorite game

I just completed the game and i loved it! i just wish you could go past level 20 😂


Game is entertaining. Wish there were ways to earn more coins but at least they don’t want to charge you. Graphics are fun and bright.

It’s great but...

I wish we had more options on how to customize the avatar, for example I think it’d be nice to have more than two gender/sex options or that I could put make up on my male avatar or multiple piercings . So far so good though. No glitches or shut downs for me so far and as far as I can tell it’s as good as the PC version.


My daughter and I love this game! Enjoy plotting futures. Lots of neat features and keeps our memory sharp. Kudos on creating a fun and interactive game 😍😍😍


10/10 recommend!


So addictive😍

Addicting, innit?

Love the fun dialogue and wide variety of options and good progression system and no IAP and all. Occasionally frustrating when characters don't behave in a way I think is logical but then delightful when they pleasantly surprise me. Love it.

Really fun!

This game is funny with the phrases they describe things and it’s a very lighthearted app to pass time!

What took me so long to download this app?

This app doesn’t get enough buzz. It’s adorable, quirky, sweet, and funny. It can get a little repetitive, but that’s partly because it’s addictive and I can’t stop playing. The load times are slightly long & annoying. Overall, I really love this game. It’s a little frustrating at times because the couples can be a perfect match and still not be happy because you mess up the mini games. But if you think of it like a card game—sometimes you get lucky and some times you don’t—it’s not so bad. It’s hard tell wether someone will like some characteristics. Hairstyles that aren’t obvious, plain clothes that have no indicator as to who would like them, etc. Sometimes their likes don’t match their personality. I guess the variety keeps it interesting. It would be boring if glasses-wearing librarian Geeky types with a bun and button-up sweater always enjoyed reading and cats.

Interconnecting apps gameplay! Dating and beyond.

One of my favorite all time app games! 5 out of 5. So funny and addictive. So satisfying to guide 2 clients to the perfect match and now beyond with Kitty Matchmaker Love Life. However, Export won't let me 'log in' to Love Life. Fix? I'll keep trying with future couples.

Help please

Could someone please explain how to import couples?


Really annoyed with the game making no sense sometimes and being repetitively irritating with the people I get. Wasted my money great...

Can't wait for love life

Have loved this game for years! So fun and addicting. I cannot wait for the next Kitty Powers game love life.

Love this game!

I play it a lot more than I'd like to admit! I also love the LGBT+ representation! This game is really funny and clever, I'd recommend to almost everyone!


This game is sooo much fun I love how I can match people up

Kate the cat lover

I love how when your a noob it helps you.You have to help your client too,I really like this game.I DON’T CARE,I LOVE IT I LOVE IT.I really do love this game kitty real?

Surprisingly addictive, great fun. 5⭐️

The best matchmaking game you never knew you needed. The matching algorithm made the game challenging enough to stay interesting, and the memory games were never “too easy”. Hilarious writing and a fun concept, all wrapped up in an endearingly kitschy design. Love it, recommended to players of all ages.

The best game

This is literally the best game I have played. It is so addictive and the it doesn’t involve WiFi witch is awesome! I would 100% recommend this game to anyone. I told some of my friends about this and now they can’t stop playing it! Also if you want to start the game over you can witch is awesome!

Its hilarious

Thats all I need to say


This game is my favorite but then it switched me to a different language and I have no idea how to get back! There is NO button to switch the language so I'm freaking out!


I love this game it keeps you occupied and it’s really worth the $2.99 I play this game all the time I am addicted!!

Loveeeee it

Love it ☝️sm it's the best game like yassssss

This is amazing!!!

Hey you should definitely get this all of the good YouTubers have played this and this is amazing hopefully from this review you know that this is exciting too play because this is a huge game and good thing that this is on the App Store and this is so addicting so hopefully you can contain yourself!!!!


Love rhe game so much

LOVE this game!

This game is super addictive and the characters are hilarious. But the bonus? No ads!

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